Saturday, March 3, 2012

Washington GOP Caucus Live Delegate Count

This is a collections of reports are being posted in real time on the News Stream on Facebook via the great work of fellow online campaigner Flo Hoffman. This is a great way to bring transparency and truth to what has been a very corrupt nomination process so far. The delegate count is looking very positive for Dr. Paul. We'll send out an update later this even as more reports are received. Look for real time reports at The Ron Party group on FB as well.

Here's what's been posted so far:

Precinct results from Whitman county (a precinct)
Ron Paul 75
Santorum 28
Romney 27
Undecided 15
Newt 12

Bill Toney.
2 of 2 (Delegates) for Ron Paul, all four alternates as well.

James L. Hill
I would like to report the results of Precinct 400 Was unanimously for Ron Paul. I am the newly nominated delegate and not the official recorder. Non the less that's the result. See all you other delegates at the county Caucus April 14th 2012 in Chehalis Blue Pavillion.

Braden Bost
King Count, WA, District 46, Precinct 2252 is a Ron Paul Precinct. I know this for sure because we get one delegate for the district caucus in 2 weeks, and I'm that delegate.

George Huang
In our Redmond precinct. all delegates and the first 2 alternate goes to Ron Paul. I'm one of the delegates.

Steven Dehart
Precinct 6127 Spokane County Results: 5 delegates - 4 Ron Paul/1 Mitt Romney, 4 alternates 1st Alt. Ron Paul/2nd Alt. Mitt Romney/3rd Alt. Ron Paul/4th Alt. Rick Santorum.

Scott Lord
At least 5 of 6 in the room I was in (Everett, 4 precincts), I forgot to see who was PCO's for one of the precincts.

Rebecca Lynn Janssen
Just got home from my local caucus. My precinct was nearly unanimous for Ron Paul!!!

Michael Sabota
In our prescient, Ron Paul delegates were winning and so a lady said Hey, Hannity said Ron Pauls people are going to flood the caucuses, I was winning a delegate spot 1 of 4 with only one vote to go too RP would have won 3 newt 1. They made a big fuss it was crazy, so we had to re vote, the MR,NG,RS people teamed up to keep US from becoming delegates, I Won first alternate though and 2 more RP supporters won spots. The PCO was a RP supporter, the final vote was 6 Ron Paul, 6 mittens, 4 newt, 1 santorum. Delegates: 2 mitt, 1 newt, 1 frothy, alts 3 Ron Paul me being 1st, one mit.

Mark Hovila
Two delegates elected in my precinct, both Paul supporters. The straw poll vote was 3 for Paul, 3 for Romney, 1 undecided. And I am one of the delegates.

Catherine Martin
2 of 2 (Delegates for Paul) for my district!

Luke Jaspers
5 of 5 RP delegates, myself included, though it may shake out worse when the alternates come in to play.


  1. Autumn Torres
    3304 all delegates are for Ron Paul 2 regular and two alternate

    Angel Frolicker
    2 (Delegates)in my precinct. He rolled over and I'm the PCO...Me for RP and him for Mitt.

    Matthew Edward Hayward
    One of two locations reported; 179 mt, 106 rp, 87 rs, 44 gingrich, 17 uncommitted. Thurston county. Other location bigger and coming later this afternoon

    Catie Bautista Pratt
    Precinct 112: Ron Paul 5, Mitt Romney 1

    Susan Freeman
    Well, I am an alternate in my precinct. I threw my support to a fellow liberty lover. My daughter was elected as a delegate in her precinct, tho :)

    Jack Francis
    2 out of 6 delegates (For Ron Paul) in our precinct. Of the two, one has irreproachable character. The other is kind'a shady.

    John Wambold
    Washington caucus results
    Thurston county(Olympia area)
    precinct 148 5 Ron Paul delegates of 5
    precinct 149 Ron Paul 3 Santorum 1 Romney 1
    4 Ron Paul delegates of 4
    I am delegate yeah!!

    Sharla Ripplinger Evans
    Precinct 914 Washougal, WA 6 delegates, 6 alternates up for grabs here's the tally..for delagates we have 2Romney, 1 Santorum 3 Ron Paul, Alternates #1 is for Santorum the 5 other Alternates are Ron Paul...Whoop!

    Jeff Stanfield
    Precinct 627 had 3 delegate slots. Two went to RP and the other went to Romney. First and second alternates are RP and the third is Santorum.

  2. Todd Clark
    Precinct 204 - Brinnon - 2 RP delegates, one Romney, same split for the alternates.

    Loren Hovde
    The straw poll in Port Townsend 98368 was: Ron Paul- 25; Mitt Romney- 14; Santorum- 7; Newt Gingrich- 2; Undecided-7.

    165 sutton 2/2 delegates for paul!
    Straw Vote: 2 ron paul, 2 frothy, 1 romney

    Amber Green
    Precinct Glenbar (Bothell Leg 1/Dist 1) Delegates: 2 RP; Alternates: 1RP, 1 Romney

    Judy Selleck
    Salzer precinct - 3 Romney, 2 Gingrich, 1 Paul - I'm the Paul and the delegate (only got to have one).

    Victor Mooney
    WA 3rd Legislative District Straw Poll results:With 21out of 22 Precincts reporting:Ron Paul 122, Santorum 52, Rom 44, & Newt 26

    Nicholas Coelho
    SEA 36-2167 Straw: 4Rom-3Paul-2San
    Delegates: 1 San 1 Rom - 1st Alt Rom - 2nd Alt Paul (me!)

  3. Jason Burnett
    I'm a delegate folks, congratulate me!! Snohomish County Convention here I come!!

    In Washington's precinct 2536 Ron Paul received all of the delegates and the only alternate delegate, according to a report from a witness on Twitter.

    Karen Banks
    just voted Ron Paul! ,!! Aaaan d became a Washington State Delegate for Ron Paul...whooot!

  4. John Drummond
    Of the 25 precincts that gathered this morning at Sedro-Woolley High School (Skagit County), I have results from 19 of them.

    Partial Pooled Caucus Straw Poll Results:

    Santorum - 31
    Romney - 27
    Paul - 20
    Gingrich - 10
    Undecided - 6

    Confirmed County Convention Delegates:

    Romney - 13
    Santorum - 10
    Paul - 9
    Gingrich - 1
    Uncommitted - 2

    This was a predominantly older crowd, so with that considered, I'd say that Ron did very well. I organized my precinct (Sterling) and got us a win by a count of 7 Paul, 3 Romney, 1 Santorum. Both delegate slots and both alternate slots are Ron Paul supporters.

    Katie Buie-Adam
    Prairie precinct #020 Newt: 10, Mitt: 4, Santorum: 3, Paul: 2. 2NG delegates 1 RS delegate; 1 RP alternate, 1 Newt alt., and 1 unknown delegate

    Ben Swann for Press Secretary 2012
    Reports indicate Ron Paul OWNED Spokane with 51%, a 4% increase over 2008. Reports still coming in. Stay tune

    Mikael Thalen
    I am a delegate for district 26, precinct 227. My precinct was mostly Romney supporters but out of 9 delegates we got atleast 3 or 4. As far as the poll for my precinct I know Ron Paul was in 2nd behind Romney.

  5. Sarah Barnhart Zabrocki Won the Chelan Straw Poll, Won the Leavenworth Straw Poll, hands down.

    Strong in Wenatchee, had the troops keeping our eye on the gal holding the bag of poll results...finally got our rep authorized to oversee the count...still awaiting results.

    Ryan K. DesRochers
    My friend Kenny just sent me this-
    Ron Paul won our straw poll of the 20 precincts caucusing at Chief Umtuch Middle School in Battle Ground Wa. If you don't think your vote counts here are the results:

    Ron Paul 165
    Mitt Romney 160
    Rick Santorum 130
    Newt Gingrich 47

    Ryan Finlay
    Skamania County Wa Straw Poll results:

    Paul 52%
    Romney 20%
    Santorum 16%
    Gingrich 9%
    Undecided 2%

    Landslide for RON PAUL!!!

  6. Eric Gugger
    So went and caucused today they had a sign outside say it was a closed caucus but the state is open to anyone. Then there was no straw poll. When I asked I was told they count the sign in sheet we filled out. Then the first thing we did after mingling was select delegates. No one from table even took the floor to talk about a candidate. Would of thought we would've had a say or even see them count. they say they dont count them there? something is funny district 28-416.

    Michael Sabota
    I am 1st alternative (Ron Paul) Delegate

    zra N. Johnson
    Went to caucus this morning. 8 people showed up.
    Santorum: 5
    Romney: 1
    Gingrich: 1
    Ron Paul: 1 (myself)
    There were 2 delegate slots open. The two went to:
    1. Mitt Romney
    2. Ron Paul!
    Thats right! I'm a Ron Paul delegate for the Kitsap county convention! Just heard from my brother, and he and his wife both got elected as delegates for Pierce County! Go Ron Paul!

    John Lembo
    Precinct SEA46-1404: 1 Ron Paul, Zero for everyone else. One Ron Paul Delegate moving on.

    Michael Herder
    Precinct 3605: 3/3 Delegates for Ron Paul!

    Miguel Richards
    Ron Paul won here in Klickitat county!

    John Hass
    Went to my first caucus today. I'm a delegate for Dr. Paul. I'm excited to be part of the process to restore freedom and restore America. It's time to dethrone the thugs.

    Beta Schmilski
    Proud of Pierce County 26th precinct 214 4 out of 7 went to Paul. 1 to Mitt, 1 to Rick and 1 independent ......We did it ....whooaaaaaa...... !

  7. Matthew Edward Hayward
    Thurston county totals romney485,paul317,santorum246,gingrich92,uncommitted59

    Kevin Gallagher
    Anyone else caucus today in Clallam County? They didn't count the votes in public, which kind of bothers me. He told me they'd count them later over a beer

    Jammie Moore
    Our district #30 King county 600 people approximately - they refused a pre count of any kind, no counting the tallies, no hands being raised, nothing that was motioned passed - it was all declined by the general populace. No one knew who voted for who or how many supporters there were for any of the candidates. The votes were put in an envelope and sent to KCGOP Chair Lori Sotelo to be counted on Thursday

    Kristen Pittman
    Okanogan County WA results:
    Ron Paul 87 (51%)
    Santorum: 31 (18%)
    Newt: 30 (18%)
    Romney: 17 (10%)
    Undecided: 5

    Chad Emhemed
    Just to let you know the State GOP Chairman of Washington supports Paul

  8. Scott Lord
    North Everett, of the 4 precincts I witnessed, votes was 7 Paul to 2 Romney, and 4 delegates to 1 Romney, not including PCO's which I believe was one more auto delegate for Paul. Not a very good sample margin, but I'm hearing Seattle was working out to be a landslide as well.

    Ben Swann for Press Secretary 2012
    Crudimentary count method, but we'll take it!

  9. Chad Emhemed
    I am SO proud to announce that Ron Paul won Klickitat County, WA!!!!
    Ron Paul 81
    Newt Gingrich 61
    Romney 58
    Santorum 53
    Undecided 11

  10. Katie Birklid
    Ron Paul won our pooled caucus for our area in Stevens county. My precinct within the pooled caucus had 3 delegates for RP (I'm one) and 1 for santorum (but after he said he would vote for Paul because he had changed his mind.) our alternates are the same. I'm pretty sure he's going to take Stevens county.