Monday, March 5, 2012

My Super Tuesday Stump Speech for Ron Paul

First and foremost, Ron Paul is electable and Ron Paul is as close or closer to winning the GOP Nomination as the media's pick Mitt Romney. The real race is delegates and it's a two man race between Dr. Paul and Flip Romney. Romney and Santorum may win the straw polls taken of people who don't pay attention to much but to be President you have to win over the people who really care, know the issue, and do pay attention. 

The delegate process is in place to prevent mob rules tactics and media manipulation for just this reason. The Establishment can send droves of people to the polls to vote for their pick Left and Right but what they can't do is put back the motivation it takes to be a difference maker in the end. Ron Paul has the message and it resonates with the difference maker kind of person as well as many others. 

We have a chance, right now, to put a stop to a lot of what is bringing this country to the verge of economic collapse right now. When you support Ron Paul with your vote you support this effort. 

You support Peace and the Golden Rule. 
You support the Liberty to own your life and live it how you see fit. 
You support Integrity and bringing it back to a Government by the people and our Constitution. 
You support Prosperity and the honest ways to bring abundance back to our land and spirits. 
You support what I and many many others believe is our last chance to get it right. 

All we need do is open our eyes because the truth is staring us in the faces right now. Anyone who really knows me knows I am not the kind of person who would get behind a cause like this lightly or uninformed. I've had the background education, right experiences, and time to dig into these topics very deeply and all road point back to the same root cause issues and the same root cause solutions. I assure you that Ron Paul offers those solutions, right now, in an honest and Constitutional way that will cut the cancer out of our system and restore a prosperous and free future for us and our children. 

Right now, remember who your friends and family are and that it is everyone's future at stake here. Also, remember wealthy strangers will gladly send any of them to die in wars in far off places for profit and power. The time has really come to pick your side in the real battle at hand. The side of the ones you know and love or the ones you don't? Will you side with Liberty or Tyranny tomorrow? 

Stand Together and Send the Message in one voice, Ron Paul!

For Liberty!

Kevin Ponton

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